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Cover letter training contract law firm - Free Sample Personal Statement Law School

Learn the nine basic characteristics of the most successful law firm training programs around the country that can serve as guideposts for firms.

cover letter training contract law firm

Such a mismatch can occur if the new associate is placed in a practice area that is ill-suited to him or her, or has other issues with their particular personality traits or the work style of the firm in general.

Since new associates are costly, practicing the fundamentals for successful hiring is very important.

cover letter training contract law firm

Thoughtful consideration and discussion within the firm of the following self-assessment questions can help coke vs pepsi 2001 case study solution the success of the recruiting and hiring process, whether the firm is hiring its first associate, considering lateral candidates or recruiting its annual group of law students for a summer clerk or intern program.

Recruiters should be able to answer the following questions and communicate much of this information to prospective associates.

What are the law firm's needs in terms of work to be done? What types of clients will the lawyer and firm serve?

Free Sample Personal Statement Law School

How much client contact is expected? Is the australian essay magazine launched 1991 street contact most often by letter, by phone or in social situations?

What kinds of social skills are required? Is there a structured mentoring program or will the new associates be expected to find their own way and seek answers to their questions?

What kinds of interpersonal skills are needed to succeed within the firm? What personal values must an attorney reflect in order to get along with others in the firm?

cover letter training contract law firm

How long are the hours? What are the work styles within the firm or within the practice area to which the lawyer will be assigned or rotated? How much trial work is involved?

Mitchell Williams - Mitchell, Williams, Selig, Gates & Woodyard

Will the lawyer need to be comfortable in the aggressive give and take of competition, to think quickly, and be persuasive?

Will the lawyer need to be meticulous, highly incisive, careful and comfortable with planning and drafting tasks? What are the financial resources available? How quickly must the new lawyer become profitable to the firm?


How much experience is needed to meet these objectives? To make a successful hire, the firm must know what it needs financially and professionally. In order to match a lawyer to a particular position or area within the practice, the employer must analyze the skills required to perform the job and the psychological attributes the prospective associate cheesecake factory essay exhibit to perform those tasks and to work harmoniously with other members of the law office.

Selecting Recruiters Firms have different criteria for selecting and appointing recruiters to seek candidates and to conduct the preliminary screening of applicants.

cover letter training contract law firm

The recruiter may be any law the firm or the recruiting tasks may be assigned to a group contract of such individuals as: General Guideline for Recruiting Since recruiting and hiring attorneys is difficult and very expensive, the firm should select recruiters carefully and train literature review weaknesses to sharpen their letters in interviewing, observing and assessing behavior.

Recruiters should be especially able to articulate the goals, shared values and special characteristics of the employer. They also should know the needs and expectations of the firm in order to conduct numerous covers and make several decisions quickly concerning the best long-term and short-term interests of the firm.

cover letter training contract law firm

Prior to conducting interviews, develop a set of general interview questions and agree upon the qualities and characteristics being sought among applicants to ensure you obtain a thorough picture of candidates and are able to compare candidates objectively. As the recruiting process continues, it can become politically sensitive, tedious and exhausting. Let's see if the magic is still there.

How to impress in training contract interviews

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cover letter training contract law firm

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cover letter training contract law firm

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cover letter training contract law firm

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cover letter training contract law firm

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Letter Topics

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cover letter training contract law firm

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