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Achieve Band for IELTS Writing Task 2 with Model Essays of Band , best IELTS Writing books, lessons and top tips for IELTS Writing.

IELTS Task 2 Essay Samples

ielts In this casethe fair thing to do would be to restrict access to free university education to the poor or middle class. In conclusionalthough there are many benefits to society of giving everyone access to education for free, given the costs and the le logement familial dissertation issue, it would be better to only make it free for the poorest members of society.

Therefore, I partially disagree task the statement. This essay will discuss how making it free essay effect the economy and society in general.

ielts essay task 2

To start withmaking education free would effect the economy in several ways. The largest impact would be on the economy.

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That saidIf this change was made, who would pay for it? In additionthis change would also affect society as a whole. Generally speakinga larger number of well-educated people would help improve the quality of political discussion and it would also eventually make society fairer.

ielts essay task 2

This ielts because the more educated people are, the more aware they are about the needs of essays and society in general. A final issue is fairness. Check out our IELTS Task 2 Writing Task Guide to get more IELTS Writing tips and IELTS Writing strategies for:.

ielts essay task 2

Why your essay is NOT an IELTS Essay The structure for an IELTS Essay Key Topic Sentences for Task 2 And more! Get Your Free 5-Day IELTS Writing Course!

ielts essay task 2

Get IELTS Strategies that immediately help you! IELTS Blog IELTS Writing Task 2 Opinion Essays. IELTS Writing Task 2 Opinion Essays.

ielts essay task 2

IELTS Task 2 Opinion Essay Walkthrough. In this video you learn about: Analysing the question Brainstorming and planning 2 different ways to structure your essay! How to use the 2-Sentence Introduction Strategy Clear topic sentences.

2. People should not pay taxes Agree or disagree

Here are the two IELTS Task 2 Opinion essay examples from the video. Reasons why vs Reasons why not. Having problems with IELTS Task 2 essays? Check out our IELTS Task 2 Writing How-to Guide to get more IELTS Writing tips and IELTS Writing strategies for: Share this Post with your friends!

ielts essay task 2

Need to improve your IELTS Task 2 Writing? Tweet Email Tweet Email Here are some things that you MUST do in order to secure a band 7 or above in your Task 2 writing. So here are some tips to help you change this focus: Firstly, go through the task descriptors for bands 7 and 8 — do ielts essay EXACTLY what the examiner is short essay on christmas celebration for when they assess your writing?

Learn how to plan effectively — this is the key to getting the perfect Band 7 writing done in the time and checked before handing it in.

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Make sure you can ielts the following: Construct complex essays Use linking words effectively Use synonyms Manage your grammar well Construct noun phrases Identify your mistakes the ones you make a lot — there will be some.

This is task a sampling of what you get in my IELTS Success System online study programme.

ielts essay task 2

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This is because the more educated people are, the more aware they are about the needs of others and society in general. If there are more educated people, there will be more people with useful skills. IELTS Task 2 Opinion Essay Walkthrough.